Parliament of Budapest


Home of Törley champagne, Tokaji wine, Unicum liqueur and gulyás, Hungary is a beautiful small country with hundreds of thermal baths, culturally rich cities and wonderful nature.

BMW Headquarter Munich


The country of  football and car fans, beer drinkers and sausage eaters Germany is in the middle of Europe with a beautifully varied geography.

Red Bull Hangar-7


Ski resorts in winter and cool wanders in summer are inviting visitors to spend their holiday enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Austrian Alps. 

UFO Bridge


Small country in Central Europe, Slovakia has a remarkably diverse nature, with beautiful flora and fauna. One can visit beautiful castles, spectacular architecture and vibrant cities.

San Marino Landscape


Europe´s third smallest country is a fascinating place. On a sunny day the entire country is visible from Monte Titano, the highest peak of this small independent republic.

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